Company Profile

The goal of Carroll Fulmer has always been to build an organization that could serve as a benchmark for the truck transportation industry. His philosophy for establishing such a company is to provide the customer with good personal service, quality equipment, fair pricing and overall operational integrity. The clients have responded well to this practical philosophy, and today, Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation is considered one of America’s premier transportation companies, and indeed, a benchmark for the trucking industry. The company’s name has become synonymous with the best in performance and has achieved a reputation unsurpassed in today’s marketplace.

Company Profile – The Past

Carroll Fulmer first entered the transport business in 1953. He began his career driving trucks loaded with grain and produce locally in Aiken, South Carolina. Six years later he purchased two B61 Macks for long distance produce delivery. Then in 1961, he opened his first office in a Union 76 truck stop in Orlando, Florida. Joined by his brother Mack, the company was then called Fulmer Bros. Transfer and Supply. In 1983, Carroll Fulmer became president and lent his name to the company because of its industry-wide recognition and credibility. As the company expanded, Carroll Fulmer became much involved in the transport field and came to play an active role as an industry leader. He served a two-year term as president of the National Agricultrual Transportation League.

Company Profile – The Present

Terminal Grounds, Driver’s Lounge and Security

Today, it’s a lot different. The Groveland corporate office of Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation operates from a state of the art facility; complete with a 12-bay garage for company truck and trailer repairs, a 4-door cross dock facility, 14,000 square feet of office space, 24-hour on site security complete with video surveillance and a staff of security guards. CFLC has added a huge trailer parking lot not only for CFLC trailers, but it is also leased as a Central Florida drop site for other national carriers.

The Driver’s Lounge has full amenities such as showers, bathrooms and vending machines. Electronic conveniences, such as phone, Satellite TV, TransfloNow Scan Station and Wi-Fi Internet Access are readily available. Sleeping rooms in the lounge are offered or great discounts at hotels that are close to the terminal. You are provided with secure parking on the premises, in designated areas, for your personal vehicle.

Corporate Office and Technologies

The Corporate Office employees over 120 fulltime personel in the main building and our onsite truck and trailer repair shop. Most employees have been with the “family” for many years.

The main building contains numerous phone lines, internet connection and multiple high speed data lines to communicate with our 30+ remote offices and agents. Communication to our Carriers, Customers and Drivers is availble through this website.

Technology has always been a major part of the CFLC company and today it continues to add hardware and software to stay up to date with current trends. The corporate office houses multiple IBM iSeries servers and there is a full disaster recovery site in Athens, AL.

Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation is currently serving a virtual Who’s Who of Fortune 500 Companies with AS/2 and convential EDI along with other various forms of modern technology.

Transflo/Pegasus TransTech Document Imaging has been an important part of reducing the paper in the company. The Invoices and Proof of Deliveries as well as all Carrier information is housed on the IBM iSeries and numerous optical drives for retrieving images internally as well as via the web for our customers.

We also use Tranflo Express and TransfloNow so your loads can be scanned at truck stops, in your truck or at home and sent immediately to CFLC for processing. TripPak scanning is also used at various truck stops to accomplish the same task.

Comdata is on board and driver’s payroll is automatically loaded up to Comdata cards. This in association with the Transflo/Pegasus Workflo product, allows Driver and Owner Operator Payroll to be processed very quickly and loaded to your Comdat card on a weekly basis.

Our fleet of trucks incorporate Qualcomm for communications to and from our dispatchers and the trucks. Directions to dropoffs and delivery updates, are fed on a continual basis throughout the day. Trailer Tracs is also used to make sure our loads are secure in our trailers and make it to their destination.

Company Profile – The Future

But what about the future?

A sound program of continued careful growth is on the drawing board to meet tomorrow’s industry needs. An exciting plan that includes further enlarging the company’s fleet to meet an increasing number of clients, opening new branch locations for more convenient service and establishing service in new fields. These programs and many more, will enable the company to continue offering new and innovative services.

The tradition of offering the finest of service continues. But regardless of the size or direction of growth, Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corp. will not lose sight of the original goals and basic principles which have made the company an outstanding success. Today’s goal is to continue delivering the level of service and integrity that has always distinguished Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corp. as a leader in the truck load transportation industry.

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